Dori Fern

Digital media and content marketing executive with 15+ years experience creating dynamic, cross-platform, social stories for brands. Always game for new adventures and good food.

Award-winning latke maker

How Content and Experience are Evolving Panel ,  PR Newswire,  Nov 2015

How Content and Experience are Evolving Panel, PR Newswire, Nov 2015

I lead content strategy and production teams for B2C and B2B tech, CPG, food, healthcare and lifestyle brands. Part digital strategist, part editorial director with a managing editor's get-it-done operational skills

  • Cooking--like eating--is a favorite thing to do. Worked as a food editor, culinary strategist, and has developed client recipe program. 

  • Fun to be around. Likes to dance

  • Prince fan 



Dori Fern is a native New Yorker. She grew up in  Co-op City in the Bronx and has lived in Brooklyn since 1997. She loves New York City deeply, even when there are plenty of reasons to complain about it. She cooks with great joy most nights, but does not prefer to do the dishes.

In 2010, seeking a new challenge, Dori enrolled as a part-time student in the Institute of Culinary Education's professional program. For nine months she worked full time, went to culinary school, and raised her two kids. She wrote about the experience on her blog, She's Fried

Dori got her BA from Connecticut College and, before that, graduated from the High School of Performing Arts ("the Fame school"), where she studied drama. At 12 years old, Dori was named Bronx champion of the NYC Storytelling Contest and runner-up in the citywide competition. Some say she should have taken the top prize, but that's another story. 

Some nice things other smart people have said about me*:


"Dori is a smart content and digital strategist. She is intrigued by the latest fads but not swayed in her knowledge as to how they may impact a marketing objective. She knows what works and why. It was a pleasure working with her..." Dan Rubin, Executive Director, Digital Strategy at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing"
"Dori is a joy to work with. She is passionate about her craft, always pushing for more and better insights around ways to connect with our consumers. She is an expert food editor, social media strategist and digital maven. She is also creative, intelligent and a charismatic presence. I adore working with her." Julie Fleischer, SVP, Analytics Solutions, Neustar
"Dori is a diligent, creative and passionate content creator who is always willing to go the extra mile to connect with users. She was a pleasure to work with and manage. I would highly recommend her as a valuable addition to any team." Janet Rollé, GM at Parkwood Entertainment
"Working with Dori Fern was such as pleasure. We worked on the same team for the online/offline "Chief Everything Officer" campaign... I admired how she could work with little to no resources, ensuring all editorial deadlines were met, watching the client execs smile at the direction of her ideas and her inventive story angles to keep the reader's interest, and all the while keeping SEO in mind...Her sense of humor, how she handles herself in a crisis, around celebs/execs/and lower tier management, and her attention to detail, are additional skills that really stood out to me..She's quite an asset."  Erica Simanek Knoch, Marketing Manager at Datto, Inc.

*from LInkedIn